Housing Management

rosenCMC can handle all hotel and reservation needs for your conference, meeting or sporting event. We will negotiate your hotel contracts and act as the liaison for you to ensure favorable terms and that the process moves smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to have you sign a contract that you feel comfortable with.

Once the contracts are signed, we will handle all hotel reservations in our office. We have full-time staff members dedicated to housing management, so they are able to provide superior customer service and assistance with all reservations. This means that in situations where there are multiple properties, your attendees receive individual concierge service and knowledgeable input on all of the property options available.

Sports Housing

The Gymnast Wallpaper__yvt2 While we manage housing as a part of many of our conference and meeting contracts or as a a stand-alone option, we also specialize in sports housing. We manage over 15,000 room nights each year in sports housing alone, including numerous national championships and several city-wide events around the country.

We take the pressure off coaches and parents so they don’t have to worry about finding hotels, signing contracts, incurring financial liability and attrition. Being a small office with employees dedicated to housing management, we are able to offer individual, personalized support. When competitors, coaches or parents call us, they are able to speak to someone they are familiar with, so they feel reassured and comforted that their needs will be taken care of.

CMC handles individual reservations, group reservations and team blocks with ease. We understand all of the nuances specific to sports housing, such as late qualifications, injuries, and trying to plan travel with many unknowns. Allowing us to manage your sports housing will allow your team’s coaches to focus on what’s most important—coaching.