Site Selection

tahoe_prop_shotKnowing where to begin when choosing a property for your meeting can be difficult. We understand the site selection process and use our comprehensive database of over 38,000 U.S. venues, in-depth knowledge of the industry and nationwide network of connections, paired with our familiarity of your budget, needs and objectives, to help you select the perfect location.

CMC & Associates has very strong relationships with the hotel industry nationally. These relationships allow us to provide your group with the best possible rate. Our site selection service is one that is provided to you at no charge. We can ascertain your needs based on your history or assist you through your event by utilizing our national contacts and relationships we have built throughout the years. If desired, we will arrange onsite visits for you to get a better feel for the layout and working features of a property.

Our work doesn’t end when you’ve selected a venue. We continue our relationship with you and the hotel, negotiating the best deal for all aspects of your meeting, while minimizing your contractual liabilities.

Contract Negotiation

Whether your event is big or small, we are experts in contract negotiation. After helping you select a desired host city or area, we will build the request for proposals, submit them to preferred properties and offer advice to help you evaluate the options. We will negotiate rates and concessions while facilitating the contracting process and keeping you in control. CMC negotiates over 150 contracts per year all over the country and we have experience in creating custom contract language for clients to minimize their liability. Our goal is to represent your interests and maximize your meeting returns.